According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) there are as many as 3.8 million reported concussions per year in the United States.  Though that number is high the concussion experts at UPMC want people to know a few things about concussion are true:

  • No two concussions are the same
  • Concussion is a treatable injury
  • Treatment should be highly specialized
  • A personalized approach leads to the best outcomes

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Changing Common Concussion Misconceptions

The CDC estimates that as many as 19% of athletes who participate in contact sports will experience a concussion. Football is the most commonly associated sport with concussions. But did you know that girls’ soccer and basketball follow closely behind? That is because a concussion isn’t only caused by a direct blow to the head. A direct blow to the body can cause one too if the force of the impact is transmitted to the head.

Any time an athlete is hit they should be removed from the game and evaluated before returning to play. Any athlete displaying symptoms should not be allowed to return to play until being examined by a medical professional.

Individualized Concussion Plan

Last year, the UPMC Sports Concussion Program, the largest program in the nation, had more than 17,000 patient visits. Included in those visits are patients from 15 professional sports teams and more than 25 colleges and universities. The Program even had a patient travel from 3,439 miles from Ireland to seek treatment from our concussion experts.

This is because of the high level, comprehensive care patients receive. Our experts believe each injury merits an individualized treatment plan. These treatment plans are based on our evidence-based clinical trajectories, including cognitive, cervical, post-traumatic migraine, and mood.

concussion stats infographic

About Sports Medicine

Sports and physical activity bring with them a potential for injury. If you are looking to prevent, treat, or rehabilitate a sports injury – or improve athletic performance – UPMC Sports Medicine and the UPMC Sports Medicine Concussion Program can help. We serve athletes and active people of all ages and experience levels. Our experts partner with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Pittsburgh Penguins, Pitt Panthers, and about 100 other high school, college, and regional teams and events throughout Pennsylvania – working daily to build better athletes.